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Drug and alcohol addiction has put itself out there as being without a doubt one of the single most concerning aspects and problem factors in the United States today. Certainly, it is almost definitely very near the top of the list as being the most problematic health-related concern of the 21st century. Now more than ever, this is a problem that needs to be worked at and confronted.

Illinois faces crisis issues of its own that are unique to the state. The state of Illinois is, from an urban perspective, most noted for having Chicago, the third largest city in the United States. Chicago, Illinois specifically is now known for being the nation’s heroin capital. Sadly enough, this city is struggling with a heroin and prescription painkiller epidemic the likes of which it has never seen before. The issue is a concerning and worrying one, to say the least, and has been for some time now.

Illinois has been rather taken aback by these problems and crisis issues. It is true that, given the size of the city, Chicago has always had some drug problems, but the state of Illinois entered the 21st century with most of its more severe drug problems under lock and key. Sadly, that did not last long. Illinois now suffers from intensive drug addiction and alcohol addiction as well, necessitating rehabilitation efforts to correct these problems.

The only sure way to win against a drug and alcohol addiction problem or crisis is with an inpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment center and detox facility. Addicts can go through detoxification to remove the substances from their system and then proceed to treatment programs. These programs more so than anything else will free people up enough so that they can focus on their lives and on truly making sobriety and recovery an attractive prospect.

The Statistics on Addiction in Illinois

Drug and alcohol addiction is a problem all across the United States. It’s been a steadily growing and increasing issue of late up until the point where in 2010 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decreed that drug and alcohol addiction was now a national epidemic in the United States. For some of the statistics on the drug problem in Illinois and the problem across the nation in general:

  • The number of meth lab seizure incidents in the state of Illinois increased by about nine percent, from 364 incidents in 2007 to 395 incidents in 2009. It increased again by over fifteen percent in 2012, and again by over seventeen percent in 2015.
  • Heroin is without a doubt and by far the most commonly cited drug among primary drug treatment admissions in the state of Illinois.
  • As a direct consequence of drug use and abuse, 1,239 persons died in Illinois in the year of 2007. This is compared to things like the number of individuals in Illinois who died from motor vehicle accidents (1,375) and firearms (1,032) in that very same year.
  • Alcohol abuse and addiction have created serious issues not only in Illinois and across the nation, but all across the world too. Alcohol misuse is actually without a doubt the fifth leading risk factor for premature death and disability worldwide. In fact, this issue is even worse for a very broad age group too. Amongst people between the ages of fifteen and forty-nine alcohol abuse is the most common cause of premature death by far, which is seen daily in Illinois.
  • Deaths that are occurring in the United States from drug addiction are now at literally unprecedented levels. To understand the exact and trying impact of substance abuse in general in the United States and all that it entails, approximately 120 people die each day in the United States of a drug overdose, and hundreds more have a negative impact in some way.
  • Crystal meth abuse has also, like heroin and prescription drugs, brought on a dangerous spike in overdose rates in the United States, and in Illinois too. Between the years of 1995 and 2002, emergency rooms in rural and urban areas alike throughout the country reported a very sudden and very worrisome fifty percent increase in meth-related visits that occurred over these years.
  • Prescription drug abuse is effectively causing more and more emergency room visits each and every year. Over a full million and a half emergency room visits involved the non-medical and addictive use of prescription medication in the year of 2011.
  • Medical emergencies and near-death experiences resulting from prescription drug abuse in the greater Chicago area and all across Illinois for that matter increased by a little over one-hundred and thirty-two percent over the last five years.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the United States are very familiar and very relevant today and have been for some time now. In fact, it is currently estimated that just over twenty-three million Americans of the age of twelve suffer from severe alcohol or drug addiction and substance abuse issues that are very negatively impacting.

Substance Abuse Throughout Illinois

Drug and alcohol addiction creates fear and unhappiness wherever it goes. There is no doubt about that. Drug and alcohol abuse breeds sadness, misery, death, economic crisis, personal struggles, injury, collateral damage, violence, crime, and countless other problems and worrisome issues and daily concerns. For a state that never really had to deal with substance abuse problems before the 21st century (at least not like it does now) Illinois is currently reeling under the weight of substance abuse crisis issues that are on a level previously unseen.

A lot of people are confused and frankly blown away by the fact that Illinois is experiencing such a terrible addiction crisis. This crisis is the real story, though. Drug and alcohol abuse has been a steadily growing and worsening situation all across the nation, in the major cities and small cities alike. In fact, small town USA is experiencing these issues on levels far worse than large cities are, at least on a per capita basis.

Drug and alcohol abuse has suddenly become a big issue in not only the Chicago area but all across small town Illinois and suburban Illinois too. In fact, almost all of the steady trafficking of drugs outwards from the major cities in the west and into rural areas in the east comes through Illinois. That is the actual, fundamental cause of substance abuse and addiction in the small towns of Illinois. Mostly, drugs suddenly became popular in rural towns and communities because drug dealers from the major cities began to run out of people to buy their drugs. When this happened, drug traffickers from the major cities began to spread their substances outwards and into the American small town areas.

Moving to small towns is what occurred in Illinois, and the crisis struck this state like a wrecking ball. The demographic most heavily affected were the young adults of the state, as is usually the case. Young adult drug addiction in Illinois is now a very concerning and far-reaching issue with a large percentage of the young adult population of this state now experimenting with deadly and dangerous substances.

Looking to the Future

The key to addressing this issue so that it stops is with inpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers that offer detoxification and proper treatment programs as mentioned before. These centers and these programs are going to make the biggest difference and be of the most help by far. With inpatient rehab, drug abuse and addiction can finally become a thing of the past in a once peaceful state that can again experience peace and sobriety.  If they can accomplish this, then the future truly will look quite bright.




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